Make it Special with AFI this Valentine’s Day

Re-invigorate the love with a luxury gift for yourself or someone special. From fabulous exchanges to extravagant proclamations of forever, we’ve selected our Valentine’s Day favourites.

Practically Perfect

The classic V-day gifts are flowers for their beauty, and chocolates for their pleasure. These functional gift ideas tick both the boxes, with an added wrapping of luxury.
A pop of colour makes the moment picture-perfect, while a racy undergarment is fitting for an intimate connection. These gifts are the unexpected yet alluring essentials for fashion lovers – him and her.

Gifts For Her

Green and cerise Pink Loungewear Set – African Fashion International

Black Lace Bralette – African Fashion International

Beaded Heart Necklace – African Fashion International

Beaded Fire Necklace – African Fashion International

Gifts for him

Jali Shirt – African Fashion International

AMEN Speedo – African Fashion International


There’s no rule that says you can’t spoil yourself on V-day. Taking care of our own needs improves all other relationships. Try something new and stand out.

In the words of Susan Sontag, “The self is a project, something to be built”.

For Her Skorts Set – African Fashion International

For Him Father&son pants – African Fashion International


Platinum Status

If you’re looking for a gift like no other. Perhaps try a one-of-a-kind statement piece for a show-stopping expression of true love.

Platinum, a metal 30 times rarer than gold and more durable, is preferred for its long-lasting shine. This is a gift to treasure.

For Him Non-binary Neckpiece – African Fashion International

For Her “Ziphozenkosi” (Gift from God) Bracelet – African Fashion International


Fall in love with our extensive range of African luxury designs – New Arrivals 



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