Behind The Label: Magents

We touched base with design duo, Thei and Didier, from the celebrated streetwear label, Magnets. In
this interview, we chatted with the designers about the business of fashion, the future of their brand amidst the pandemic, as well as their advice to upcoming designers.

AFI Insider: Has your design and retail processes changed since the pandemic hit? If so, how?

Magents: The design hasn’t changed but the retail space has. We decided to put our focus on the online side of the business, just before lockdown started, which has proved to be just on time as we have grown that side by 500% – the weird thing is we now have more ladies than gents ordering!

AFI Insider: Where do you see the Magents brand five years from now?

Magents: We are widening the offering, as part of the lifestyle, which we will reveal soon. This will include a totally different product to the apparel. We are also focusing on international online which in 5 year’s time would be the main channel of our distribution.

AFI Insider: What advice would you give to upcoming, female fashion designers?

Magents: Make sure your character is disciplined and that you are focused on your end goal. Constantly fill your library with all elements of design to make sure you don’t hit those dead, uninspired, spots. Study different business models before you start your label and align yourself with the right partners from production to retail.

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